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0915-IR-I/2021(Charge Assumption)Charge Assumption of Dr. Khalid Mahmood Lodhi (IRS/BS-21)20-Apr-2021 Download
103(6)/91-MIR-I/505(OBITUARY)The Obituary of Dr. Shamsul Hadi (IRS/BS-21)20-Apr-2021 Download
0903-C-III/2021(Re-instatement and Retirement)Re-instatment and Retirement of Mr. Rahmat Ali, Inspector (BS-16), MCC (E&C), Peshawar 20-Apr-2021 Download
2(3)HRM-IR-II/Promotion/2021(Pt)(Non Actualization of Promotion)Non Actualization of Promotion / Appointment20-Apr-2021 Download
0877-C-II/2021(Charge Relinquishment / Assumption)Charge Relinquishment/Assumption of PCS Officers20-Apr-2021 Download
0898-C-III/2021(Retirement)Retirement of Mr. Gul Sher Ahmad, Superintendent (BS-16) MCC, (E&C), Quetta20-Apr-2021 Download
0905-IR-I/2021(Quarantine Leave)Quarantine Leave to Malik Amjad Zubair Tiwana (IRS/BS-21)20-Apr-2021 Download
0909-IR-I/2021(Charge Assumption)Charge Assumption of Dr. Khalid Mahmood Lodhi (IRS/BS-21)20-Apr-2021 Download
0885-C-II/2021Charge Relinquishment/AssumptionCharge Relinquishment/Assumption of Mr. Maqbool Ahmad (PCS/BS-18)20-Apr-2021 Download
8(3)2021/MIR-III(Seniority)Provisional Seniority List of BS-19 Officers of Small Cadre of IRS19-Apr-2021 Download
8(2)2021/MIR-III/53012(Seniority List)Provisional Seniority List of BS-18 Officers of Small Cadre of IRS19-Apr-2021 Download
8(1)2021/MIR-III(Seniority List)(Provisional Seniority List of BS-17 Officers of Small Cadre of IRS19-Apr-2021 Download
0897-C-II/2021(IJP Selection)IJP Selection of (Second Secretary / BS-18)19-Apr-2021 Download
0896-C-I/2021Charge Relinquishment/AssumptionCharge Relinquishment/Assumption of Dr. Fareed Iqbal Qureshi, PCS/BS-2116-Apr-2021 Download
0895-C-I/2021Charge Relinquishment/AssumptionCharge Relinquishment/Assumption of Mr. Yawar Nawaz, PCS/BS-1916-Apr-2021 Download
0894-C-I/2021Charge Relinquishment/AssumptionCharge Relinquishment/Assumption of Engr. Riyaz Ahmed Memon, PCS/BS-2016-Apr-2021 Download
0889-IR-I/2021Addtional Charge Addtional Charge of Mr. Muhammad Naseer Butt, IRS-BS/2115-Apr-2021 Download
0888-IR-I/2021Addtional Charge Addtional Charge of Mr. Khalid Mahmood Lodhi, IRS-BS/2115-Apr-2021 Download
0882-C-III/2021(Retirement)Retirement of Mr. Najmul Hussain, Principal Appraiser (BS-17) MCC, (A&F)-East, Karachi15-Apr-2021 Download
0883-C-III/2021(Retirement)Retirement of Mr. Arshad Bin Inam, Superintendent (BS-16) MCC, Islamabad15-Apr-2021 Download
0874-C-IV/2021(Death)Death of Mr. Irshad Ahmad, Inspector (BS-16), MCC (E&C), Lahore15-Apr-2021 Download
0881-C-III/2021(Re-instatement)Re-instatement of BS-16 Officers of Customs Department15-Apr-2021 Download
0778-C-IV/2021(Death)Death of Mr. Sikandar Idrees Bajwa, Inspector (BS-16), Directorate of IOCO, Lahore15-Apr-2021 Download
0863-IR-II/2021(Promotion)Promotion of Mr. Ali Saeed (IRS/BS-18 on Regular Basis)14-Apr-2021 Download
0840-IR-II/2021(Posting )Posting of Probationary Officers of IRS13-Apr-2021 Download
7(1)Rec-ADMIS/2019-MIR-III(Final Reminder)Final Reminder for Acceptance / Rejection of Offer of Appointment13-Apr-2021 Download
0872-C-III/2021(Retirement)Retirement of Mr. Babar Rashid, Superintendent (BS-16), Directorate of IOCO (North), Lahore13-Apr-2021 Download
0867-IR-III/2021(Transfer/Posting)(Transfer/Posting of Mr. Fahad Mushtaq, Assistant Director (MIS) / BS-1713-Apr-2021 Download
0866-IR-I/2021(Charge Relinquishment / Assumption)Charge Relinquishment / Assumption of Mr. Sajjad Taslim Azam (IRS/BS-20)13-Apr-2021 Download
18(3)/2021-Customs-Ill (Provisional Seniority)Circulation of Provisional Seniority List of Principal Appraiser13-Apr-2021 Download
0870-C-III/2021(Retirement)Retirement of Mr. Muhammad Shakeel Khan, Superintendent (BS-16) MCC, Hyderabad13-Apr-2021 Download
0859-C-I/2021Charge Relinquishment/AssumptionCharge Relinquishment/Assumption of Ms. Seema Raza Bokhari, PCS/BS-2113-Apr-2021 Download
0848-IR-III/2021(Medical Leave)(Medical Leave of Mr. Saleem Raza, Assistant Director (Audit) / BS-1813-Apr-2021 Download
0849-IR-III/2021(Retirement)(Retirement of Mr. Zafar Iqbal, MIS Officer (BS-16)13-Apr-2021 Download
0857-IR-I/2021(Charge Relinquishment / Assumption)Charge Relinquishment / Assumption of Mr. Tariq Hussain Shaik (IRS/BS-20)13-Apr-2021 Download
0858-IR-I/2021(Charge Relinquishment / Assumption)Charge Relinquishment / Assumption of Mr. Girdhari Mal Maghwar (IRS/BS-20)13-Apr-2021 Download
0862-C-I/2021Charge Relinquishment/AssumptionCharge Relinquishment/Assumption of Mr. Muhammad Iqbal Bhawana, PCS/BS-2113-Apr-2021 Download