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1(2)/2006-M-II (Customs-II)CircularClarification - 20th MCMC Nomination of officers of Pakistan Customs Service03-Jul-2015 Download
14(1)/2003-M-I.CircularNomination of PCS/BS-20 Officers for 103rd NMC03-Jul-2015 Download
14(16)/2002-M-I.CircularNomination of PCS/BS-19 Officers for 18th SMC03-Jul-2015 Download
1444-IR-I/2015(Charge Relinquishment / Assumption)Charge Relinquishment / Assumption of Mr. Manzoor Hussain Shad (IRS/BS-21).03-Jul-2015 Download
1443-C-I/2015Charge RelinquishmentCharge Relinquishment of Mr. Muhammad Saleem Ahmad Ranjha (PCS/BS-21)03-Jul-2015 Download
1421-IR-I/2015(Major Penalty)Imposition of Major Penalty upon Ch. Jaffar Nawaz (IRS/BS-18).02-Jul-2015 Download
1436-C-II/2015Charge RelinquishmentCharge Relinquishment of Mr. Anwar-ul-Haq Satti, Audit & Accounts/BS-1802-Jul-2015 Download
1389-IR-I/2015(Major Penalty)Imposition of Major Penalty upon Mr. Shafqat Hayat Hottiana (IRS/BS-19). 02-Jul-2015 Download
1437-IR-I/2015(Transfer / Posting)Transfer / Postings of Mr. Manzoor Hussain Shad (IRS/BS-21).02-Jul-2015 Download
1423-C-III/2015(Retirement)Retirement of Mr. Said Rehman, Principal Appraiser (BS-16)02-Jul-2015 Download
1432-C-II/2015Transfer and PostingTransfer and Posting of Mr. Abdul Mueed (PCS/BS-18)01-Jul-2015 Download
1431-C-II/2015(Modification)Modification in Notification No. 1382-C-II/2015 dated 30.06.2015.01-Jul-2015 Download
1429-IR-I/2015Transfer / Posting Transfer and Posting of IRS BS-19/18 Officers01-Jul-2015 Download
1428-C-II/2015(Promotion)Regular Promotion of Mr. Usman Bajwa (PCS/BS-19)01-Jul-2015 Download
1427-C-II/2015(Promotion)Regular Promotion of Mr. Sajjad Hyder Jhin Jhin (PCS/BS-18)01-Jul-2015 Download
1426-C-II/2015Charge RelinquishmentCharge Relinquishment of Mr. Mujeeb-ur-Rehman Talpur, Second Secretary/BS-1701-Jul-2015 Download
1420-C-II/2015(Cancellation of Study Leave Ex-Pakistan/LHP/Charge Assumption)Cancellation of Study Leave Ex-Pakistan/LHP of Ms. Kanwal Ali (PCS/BS-18)01-Jul-2015 Download
1424-IR-III/2015(Transfer and Posting)Transfer and Posting of Mr. Muhammad Yousaf, Deputy Director (MIS/BS-18)01-Jul-2015 Download
1415-C-II/2015(Promotion)Regular Promotion of Mr. Muhammad Ilyas (PCS/BS-18)01-Jul-2015 Download
1418-IR-I/2015(Charge Relinquishment / Assumption)Charge Relinquishment / Assumption of Ch. Muhammad Tarique (IRS/BS-20).01-Jul-2015 Download
1416-IR-II/2015(Charge Assumption)Charge Assumption of Mr. Babar Nawaz Khan (IRS/BS-18).30-Jun-2015 Download
1413-C-III/2015(Extension)Extension in Suspension Period of Mr. Muhammad Nizamuddin, Deputy Superintendent30-Jun-2015 Download
1414-IR-I/2015(Repatriation)Repatriation of Mr. Arshad Ali Khan, Additional Director (Postal Group / BS-19).30-Jun-2015 Download
1382-C-II/2015(Repatriation)Repatriation of Mr. Fasi-ur-Rehman, Second Secretary (BS-17).30-Jun-2015 Download
1411-IR-II/2015(Major Penalty)(Imposition of Major Penalty of Removal from Service upon Syed Salahuddin Gillani (IRS/BS-18).30-Jun-2015 Download
1401-C-II/2015Charge Relinquishment/AssumptionCharge Relinquishment/Assumption of Mr. Mahmood Ali Khan, Deputy Chemical Examiner 29-Jun-2015 Download
1408-IR-IV/2015(Promotion)Promotion of Mr. Muhammad Habib Abbasi, Inland Revenue Officer (BS-16), Regional Tax Office, Abbottabad29-Jun-2015 Download
1397-C-III/2015(Retirement)Retirement of Mr. Riaz Akbar Shah, Superintendent Preventive Service (BS-16)29-Jun-2015 Download
1407-IR-IV/2015(Promotion)Promotion of Mr. Mr. Hassan Abbas Rizvi, Inland Revenue Officer (BS-16), Directorate of Internal Audit (IR), Karachi29-Jun-2015 Download
1402-C-III/2015(Retirement)Retirement of Mr. Najam Pervez, Superintendent29-Jun-2015 Download
1399-IR-II/2015(Suspension Withdrawn)Withdrawal of Suspension of Mrs. Narjes Shaheen Ali Khan (IRS/BS-17) 29-Jun-2015 Download
1398-IR-I/2015(Retirement)Retirement of S. Ashraf Ahmad Ali (IRS/BS-21).29-Jun-2015 Download
1390-C-III/2015(Retirement)Retirement of Mr. Shah Nawaz Shah, Examiner (BS-16)29-Jun-2015 Download