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103(22)/78-MIR-I/192CircularNomination of IRS BS-20 Officers for 105th NMC24-Jun-2016 Download
1501-IR-I/2016(Transfer / Posting)Transfer and Posting Of Mr. Hammal Baloch (IRS/BS-19)24-Jun-2016 Download
1493-C-III/2016(Retirement)Retirement of Mr. Asad Khan Afridi, Superintendent Preventive Service (BS-17).24-Jun-2016 Download
1500-C-I/2016Charge RelinquishmentCharge Relinquishment of Mr. Muhammad Aamer (PCS/BS-20)24-Jun-2016 Download
2(85)/94-M.I(Circular)Request for Leave Ex-Pakistan by Officers after conclusion of International Courses / Trainings.24-Jun-2016 Download
1489-C-I/2016Charge RelinquishmentCharge Relinquishment of Mr. Muhammad Irfan Wahid (PCS/BS-19)24-Jun-2016 Download
1495-IR-V/2016(Performance Allowance)Notification of Performance allowance in respect of Mr. Muhammad Qamar Minhas (IRS/BS-17)24-Jun-2016 Download
1492-C-III/2016(Voluntary Retirement)Voluntary retirement of Mr. Sohail Iqbal Mughal, Appraiser (BS-16)24-Jun-2016 Download
1476-C-I/2016Charge RelinquishmentCharge Relinquishment of Mr. Abdul Qadir Memon (PCS/BS-19)23-Jun-2016 Download
1485-C-III/2016(Exoneration)Exoneration of Syed Ali Mehdi, Preventive Office (BS-16).23-Jun-2016 Download
1405-C-III/2016(Supersession)Supersession of Board's Notification No. 1278-C-III/2016 dated 25.05.2016 of Mr. Abdul Ghaffar Shaikh, Inspector (BS-16), MCC, Hyderabad23-Jun-2016 Download
1468-IR-II/2016(IJP Selection)Notification of IJP Selection in respect of Mr. Ashfaq Ahmad (IRS/BS-18)23-Jun-2016 Download
1479-C-III/2016(Retirement)Retirement of Mr. Nadeem Nisar Ahmad, Superintendent (BS-17).23-Jun-2016 Download
1481-C-III/2016(Voluntary Retirement)Voluntary retirement of Syed Jaffar Abbas, Appraiser (BS-16)23-Jun-2016 Download
1467-IR-V/2016(IJP Seclection)Notification of IJP Selection in respect of Officers of IRS/BS17.23-Jun-2016 Download
13(1)/S.MIR/2016/Edox(Instructions)SOP for Applying / Forwarding Leave Applications to the Board21-Jun-2016 Download
14(16)/2002-M.I(Circular)Nominations of BS-19 or Equivalent Officers for 20th Senior Management Course at National Management College, Lahore, Karachi from 15-08-2016 to 30-12-201621-Jun-2016 Download
1458-C-I/2016Change of NameChange of Name of Ms. Samaira Nazir, PCS/BS-2121-Jun-2016 Download
1(136)/2016-MIR-II(Circular)Nominations for 22nd MID Career Management Course at NIMs Karachi, Lahore, Peshawar & Quetta w.e.f. 22-08-2016 to 25-11-201620-Jun-2016 Download
1450-C-I/2016Charge Relinquishment Charge Relinquishment of Mr. Muhammad Mohsin Rafiq (PCS/BS-19)20-Jun-2016 Download