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1742-IR-V/2019(IJP Selection)IJP Selection of Officers of IRS/BS-1716-Jul-2019 Download
1772-C-III/2019RetirementRetirement of Mr. Muhammad Farooq Niazi, Dy. Superintendent (BS-16), MCC (Preventive), Quetta16-Jul-2019 Download
1777-IR-I/2019(Transfer and Posting)Transfer and Posting of Mr. Muhammad Anwar (IRS/BS-20)16-Jul-2019 Download
1748-C-I/2019(Performance Allowance)Performance Allowance of Mr.Mir Afzal Khan, BS-19 Officer16-Jul-2019 Download
1765-IR-I/2019(Transfer and Posting)Transfer and Posting of officers of IRS.15-Jul-2019 Download
1764-IR-I/2019(Transfer / Posting)Transfer / Posting of Officers of IRS.15-Jul-2019 Download
1750-C-I/2019Charge RelinquishmentCharge Relinquishment of Mr. Muhammad Ali Malik (PCS/BS-19) 15-Jul-2019 Download
1766 -C-III/2019Transfer and PostingTransfer and Posting BS-16 officials of Customs Department15-Jul-2019 Download
1744-C-III/2019Transfer and PostingTransfer and Posting of Customs Officers/Officials12-Jul-2019 Download
1745-C-III/2019Transfer and PostingTransfer and Posting of Principal Appraisers and Appraising/Valuation Officers12-Jul-2019 Download
1628-C-IV/2019(Retirement)Retirement of Mr. Ghulam Muhammad, Inspector, MCC, Multan.12-Jul-2019 Download
1629-C-IV/2019(Retirement)Retirement of Muhammad Aslam Qureshi, Inspector, MCC, Multan.12-Jul-2019 Download
1724-IR-V/2019(Superannuation/ Retirement)Superannuation/Retirement of Mr. Akbar Ali Shah, Second Secretary (BS-17) 12-Jul-2019 Download
1706-IR-V/2019(IJP Selection)IJP Selection of officers of IRS/BS-1712-Jul-2019 Download
1695-IR-V/2019(IJP Selection)IJP Selection of Mr. Muhammad Saad Marath, (IRS/BS-17)12-Jul-2019 Download
1705-IR-V/2019(IJP Selection)IJP Selection of Ms.Bela Khan, (IRS/BS-17) 12-Jul-2019 Download
1709-C-III/2019Dismissal from ServiceDismissal from Service of Mr. Hassan Ashraf, Preventive Officer (BS-16), MCC (Preventive), Karachi11-Jul-2019 Download
1704-IR-V/2019(Superannuation/Retirement)Superannuation/Retirement of Mr. Tariq Mahmood, Second Secretary, (BS-18) FBR (Hqs)10-Jul-2019 Download