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1093-C-III/2015(Retirement)Retirement of Mr. Muhammad Akbar Khan Magsi, Principal Appraiser (BS-16)25-May-2015 Download
1086-C-II/2015(IJP Selection)IJP Selection of Syed Muhammad Raza Naqvi (PCS/BS-17).25-May-2015 Download
1090-IR-II/2015(OPS)OPS granted to Mr. Naeem Hassan (IRS/BS-18).23-May-2015 Download
1087-C-III/2015(Performance Allowance)Performance Allowance of Ms. Tayyaba Fatima, Deputy Assistant Chemical Examiner (BS-16)23-May-2015 Download
1089-IR-II/2015(OPS)OPS granted to Mr. Mazhar Iqbal (IRS/BS-18).23-May-2015 Download
1088-C-III/2015(Retirement)Retirement of Mr. Muhammad Jamshid Iqbal, Superintendent23-May-2015 Download
1085-IR-I/2015(Charge Assumption)Charge Assumption of Mr. Maqsood Jahangir (IRS/BS-19)22-May-2015 Download
1081-IR-II/2015(Extension in Suspension Period)Extension in Suspension of Mr. Naeem Hassan (IRS/BS-18).22-May-2015 Download
1073-C-II/2015(Extension in Suspension)Extension in Suspension of Mr. Honnak Baloch (PCS/BS-18).21-May-2015 Download
1076-IR-V/2015(Charge Relinquishment)Charge Relinquishment of Ms. Maham Asif Malik, Deputy Commissioner (on acting charge basis)21-May-2015 Download
1068-IR-I/2015(Major Penalty)(Imposition of Major Penalty of Dismissal from Service upon Mr. Tahir Tanveer (IRS/BS-19)20-May-2015 Download
1072-IR-I/2015(Discontinuation of Performance Alowance)(Discontinuation of Performance Alowance of Mr. Hasnain Brohi (IRS/BS-19)20-May-2015 Download
1069-IR-I/2015(Minor Penalty)Imposition of Minor Penalty upon Mr. Hasnain Brohi (IRS/BS-19)20-May-2015 Download
1045-C-II/2015(Superannuation/Retirement)Superannuation Retirement of Mr. Jamshed Sultan Ahmad, (PCS/BS-17)18-May-2015 Download
1061-C-II/2015Transfer and PostingTransfer and Posting of Mr. Ghulam Hyder Mahesar, (PCS/BS-18)18-May-2015 Download