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2414-IR-I/2015(Additional Charge)Additional Charge to Mr. Zafar Iqbal Khan (IRS/BS-20)13-Oct-2015 Download
2417-C-II/2015(Charge Relinquishment/Assumption)Charge Relinquishment/Assumption of Ms. Mona Mehfooz (PCS/BS-19)13-Oct-2015 Download
2408-C-III/2015(Leave Ex-Pakistan)Leave Ex-Pakistan to Malik Muhammad Javed Iqbal, Superintendent (BS-16).13-Oct-2015 Download
2405-IR-V/2015(Performance Allowance)Performance Allowance to officers of IRS/BS-17 of RTO, Lahore/Islamabad/Peshawar.13-Oct-2015 Download
2362-C-III/2015( Death )Death of Mr. Muzammil Hussain, Intelligence Officer (BS-16)13-Oct-2015 Download
2412-C-III/2015(Retirement)Retirement of Mr. Pirzada Rahat Aziz, Superintendent13-Oct-2015 Download
2406-C-I/2015Charge Relinquishment / AssumptionCharge Relinquishment / Assumption of Mr. Farid Ahmad Khan Salarzay (PCS/BS-19)13-Oct-2015 Download
F.No. 1(3)/S.L/IT/BS-18/2013CircularFinal Seniority List of Directors (MIS/BS-20) of IT-Cadre13-Oct-2015 Download
2403-C-II/2015(Charge Relinquishment/Assumption)(Charge Relinquishment/Assumption of Mr. Addul Haye Sheikh (PCS/BS-19)13-Oct-2015 Download
2357-C-II/2015(Termination of Probation)Termination of Probation of Mr. Umair Mahmood Siddiqui (PCS/BS-17)12-Oct-2015 Download
2393-IR-V/2015(Transfer/Posting)Transfer / Posting of Ms. Naila Gul (IRS/BS-1712-Oct-2015 Download
2358-C-II/2015(Extension in Deputation)Extension in Deputation period of Ms. Saadia Nasir09-Oct-2015 Download
2366-C-II/2015(Charge Assumption)Charge Assumption of Dr. Muhammad Aitzaz Khan (PCS/BS-18)09-Oct-2015 Download
2390-IR-I/2015(Charge Relinquishment)Charge Relinquishment of Mr. Muhammad Bilal Malik (IRS/BS-19)09-Oct-2015 Download
2384-IR-I/2015(Charge Relinquishment)Charge Relinquishment of Sardar Ali Khawaja (IRS/BS-19)09-Oct-2015 Download
C.No.9(1)MIR-IV/2011(240)CircularFinal Seniority List of Graduate Assistant Private Secretaries (BS-16) Inland Revenue Department on All Pakistan. 09-Oct-2015 Download
2383-IR-I/2015(Charge Relinquishment)Charge Relinquishment of Mr. Shahid Soomro (IRS/BS-19)09-Oct-2015 Download
2377-IR-V/2015(Performance Allowance)Performance Allowance to officers of IRS/BS-17 of RTO-II & III, Karachi09-Oct-2015 Download
C.No.9(2)MIR-IV/2008(239)CircularFinal Seniority List of Inspector Inland Revenue (BS-16) on All Pakistan Basis.09-Oct-2015 Download
2375-C-III/2015(Retirement)Retirement of Mr. Abdul Hafeez Qureshi, Office Superintendent (BS-16)09-Oct-2015 Download
2340-IR-III/2015(Minor Penalty)Minor penalty of censure upon Mr. Tariq Iqbal Khan Auditor (BS-16)08-Oct-2015 Download
2374-C-III/2015(Retirement)Retirement of Mr. Murtaza Yar Khan, Principal Appraiser08-Oct-2015 Download
2373-C-III/2015(Retirement)Retirement of Mr. Ahmed Shuja, SPS (BS-16)08-Oct-2015 Download
2376-C-I/2015Charge Relinquishment / AssumptionCharge Relinquishment / Assumption of Mr. Jameel Ahmed Baloch (PCS/BS-19)08-Oct-2015 Download
2369-IR-I/2015(Charge Assumption)Charge Assumption of Mr. Aqeel Ahmed Siddiqui (IRS/BS-20)08-Oct-2015 Download
2327-IR-II/2015(Major Penalty)Major Penalty on Ms.Nausheen Waseem Khan (IRS/BS-18).08-Oct-2015 Download
2203-IR-II/2015(Cancellation of ex-Pakistan Leave and Restoration of Performance Allowance)Cancellation of ex-Pakistan Leave and Restoration of Performance Allowance of Ms. Amna Kamal (IRS/BS-18)08-Oct-2015 Download
2365-IR-I/2015(Transfer / Posting)Transfer / Posting of Mr. Abdul Qadir Sheikh (IRS/BS-18) 08-Oct-2015 Download
2363-IR-I/2015(Transfer / Postings)Transfer / Posting of Mr. Khalil Ahmad Zahid (IRS/BS-20) 08-Oct-2015 Download
2339-C-II/2015Actualization on Promotion to (BS-19)Actualization on promotion Mr. Hamid Raza Khan, (Secretary/BS-19)08-Oct-2015 Download
2361-IR-I/2015(Charge Assumption)Charge Assumption of Syed Ghulam Abbas Kazmi (IRS/BS-20)07-Oct-2015 Download
2359-C-III/2015(Retirement)Retirement of Mr. Ahtram Uddin, Deputy Superintendent07-Oct-2015 Download
2360-C-III/2015(Retirement)Retirement of Mr. Arshad Saeed Siddiqui, Deputy Superintendent07-Oct-2015 Download
2352-C-III/2015(Retirement)Retirement of Mr. Ayub Khan, Deputy Superintendent07-Oct-2015 Download