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1732-IR-I/2016(Additional Charge)Additional Charge to Syed Syedain Raza Zaidi (IRS/BS-20)22-Jul-2016 Download
1731-IR-I/2016(Additional Charge)Additional Charge to Mr. Shamsuddin Qazi (IRS/BS-20)22-Jul-2016 Download
1737-C-III/2016(Retirement)Retirement of Mr. Shahbaz Farooq, SPS (BS-16).22-Jul-2016 Download
1718-IR-I/2016(Renaming of Offices)Renaming of RTOs22-Jul-2016 Download
1707-C-II/2016(Charge Assumption)Charge Assumption of Haroon Waqar Malik (PCS/BS-18)22-Jul-2016 Download
1726-C-I/2016Charge RelinquishmentCharge Relinquishment of Mr. Basit Maqsood Abbassi (PCS/BS-19)22-Jul-2016 Download
1725-IR-I/2016(Charge Assumption)Charge Assumption of Mr. Naveed Dost Chandio (IRS/BS-19)22-Jul-2016 Download
1(1)/ERM--I/2016(Circular)Promotion of PCS Officers from BS-18 to BS-19 -- Completion of PERs upto 30-06-2015.21-Jul-2016 Download
1(1)/ERM-I/2016(Circular)Promotion of PCS Officers from BS-17 to BS-18 - Completion of PERs upto 30-06-2015.21-Jul-2016 Download
1716-IR-I/2016(Charge Assumption)Charge Assumption of Mr. Hammal Baloch (IRS/BS-19)21-Jul-2016 Download
1698-IR-V/2016(Relinquishment/Charge Assumption)Relinquishment/Charge Assumption of Sardar Omer Sharif Second Secretary , FBR20-Jul-2016 Download
1699-IR-I/2016(Charge Relinquishment)Charge Relinquishment of Mr. Abdul Shakoor Shaikh (IRS/BS-19)20-Jul-2016 Download
1695-C-II/2016Charge AssumptionCharge Assumption of Mr. Saqib-ur-Raihman (PCS/BS-17)20-Jul-2016 Download
1685-IR-V/2016(Exoneration)Exoneration of Mr. Haider Abbas IRS/BS-1720-Jul-2016 Download
1(1)S_M/2016.(Circular)Observance of Black Day For Showing Solidarity with the People of Indian Occupied Kashmir20-Jul-2016 Download
1654-IR-V/2016(Charge Relinquishment/Assumption)Charge Relinquishment/Assumption of Mr. Mohis Aman (IRS/BS-18)19-Jul-2016 Download
1658-IR-V/2016(Charge Relinquishment/Assumption)Charge Relinquishment/Assumption of Mr. Israr Ahmed Cheema (IRS/BS-18)19-Jul-2016 Download
1659-IR-V/2016(Charge Relinquishment/Assumption)Charge Relinquishment/Assumption of Mr. Asif Ali Abro (IRS/BS-18)19-Jul-2016 Download
1682-IR-II/2016(Retirement on Medical Grounds)Retirement of Mr. Hassan Kamran Bashir (IRS/BS-18) on medical grounds.19-Jul-2016 Download
1660-IR-II/2016(Superannuation Retirement)Superannuation Retirement of Mr. Abdul Sattar (IRS/BS-18)19-Jul-2016 Download
1671-IR-I/2016(Charge Relinquishment)Charge Relinquishment of Mr. Haroon Masood (IRS/BS-19)18-Jul-2016 Download
1653-C-II/2016(Repatriation)Repatriation of Ms. Saadia Nasir, Second Secretary (BS-17).18-Jul-2016 Download
1667-IR-V/2016(Promotion)Promotion on Regular Basis to Ms. Amna Batool, IRS/BS1718-Jul-2016 Download
1672-IR-III/2016(Death)(Death of Mr. Muhammad Atiq, Additional Direcotor (MIS), (BS-19)18-Jul-2016 Download
1668-IR-III/2016(Held in abeyance) (Held in abeyance of Board's Notification No. 1626-IR-III/2016 dated 13.07.2016.18-Jul-2016 Download
1637-C-III/2016(Restoration of Performance Allowance)Restoration of Performance Allowance of Mr. Ghulam Sarwar Mehdi, Inspector.18-Jul-2016 Download
1666-IR-I/2016(Charge Relinquishment)Charge Relinquishment of Mr. Murtaza Siddique Khan (IRS/BS-19)18-Jul-2016 Download