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1681-IR-I/2014(Charge Assumption)Charge Assumption of Mr. Mehmood Aslam (IRS/BS-20)02-Sep-2014 Download
1680-IR-I/2014(Charge Assumption)Charge Assumption of Mr Qasim Raza Khan (IRS/BS-19)01-Sep-2014 Download
1647-C-II/2014Charge AssumptionCharge Assumption of Mr. Naveed Aziz (PCS/BS-18)29-Aug-2014 Download
1625-C-II/2014(Cancellation of Ex-Pakistan Leave)Cancellation of Leave Ex-Pakistan of Mr. Ghulam Hyder Mahesar, (PCS/BS-18)29-Aug-2014 Download
1659-IR-I/2014(Charge Relinquishment)Charge Relinquishment of Mr. Nasir Khan (IRS/BS-19).29-Aug-2014 Download
1655-IR-I/2014Charge Relinquishment / AssumptionCharge Relinquishment / Assumption of Mr. Muhammad Khalid Malik (IRS/BS-19).28-Aug-2014 Download
1601-IR-V/2014(Charge Relinquishment)(Charge Relinquishment of Mr. Rizwan Siddique (IRS/BS-17)28-Aug-2014 Download
1627-C-I/2014Charge RelinquishmentCharge Relinquishment of Mr. Muhammad Yahya (PCS/BS-21)27-Aug-2014 Download
1628-C-I/2014Charge AssumptionCharge Assumption of Mr. Abdul Rashid Sheikh (PCS/BS-20)27-Aug-2014 Download