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1725-ERM-II/2017(Restoration)Restoration of Performance Allowance of Customs Officials22-Jun-2017 Download
1701-C-III/2017(Resignation)Resignation of Mr. Waqas Ahmed Virk Jat, Appraising Officer (BS-16)21-Jun-2017 Download
1696-IR-I/2017(Charge Assumption)Cahrge Assumption of Ms. Amna Faiz Bhatti (IRS/BS-19)21-Jun-2017 Download
1685-C-III/2017(Death)Death of Syed Muhammad Ali Rizvi, Inspector (BS-16).21-Jun-2017 Download
1677-C-III/2017(Minor Penalty)Minor Penalty imposed upon Mr. Saleem Akhtar, Inspector.20-Jun-2017 Download
1676-C-III/2017(Minor Penalty)Minor Penalty imposed upon Mr. Muhammad Arif, Deputy Superintendent.20-Jun-2017 Download
1680-C-III/2017(Minor Penalty)Minor Penalty imposed upon Mr. Muhammad Arif Dotani, Inspector.20-Jun-2017 Download
1678-C-III/2017(Minor Penalty)Minor Penalty imposed upon Mr. Ghulam Hussain Khoso, Inspector.20-Jun-2017 Download
1688-C-III/2017RetirementRetirement of Mr. Shakil Ahmed Khan, Superintendent (BS-16), RTO-III, Karachi20-Jun-2017 Download
1686-C-III/2017ResignationResignation of Mr. Nouman Khalil, A.O, MCC, Appraisement-West, Karachi19-Jun-2017 Download
1681-C-I/2017(Performance Allowance)Performance Allowance of Mr.Sakhawat Gul, BS-19 Officer16-Jun-2017 Download
1679-C-III/2017RetirementRetirement of Mr. Muhammad Musheer, SPO (BS-16), MCC (Preventive), Karachi16-Jun-2017 Download
1671-IR-V/2017(Superannuation/Retirement)Superannuation/Retirement of Mr. Khairuddin Siddique, ACIR BS-1716-Jun-2017 Download
1674-C-III/2017(Minor Penalty)Minor Penalty imposed upon Mr. Muhammad Zia Khan, Inspector16-Jun-2017 Download
1675-C-III/2017(Retirement)Retirement of Mr. Iqbal Shafiq, Superintendent (BS-16), LTU-II, Karachi16-Jun-2017 Download