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1349-C-II/2024Transfer and PostingTransfer and posting of Mr. Islam Aslam (PCS/BS-17)24-May-2024 Download
1341-C-II/2024Transfer and PostingTransfer and posting of Mr. Sohail Sarwar (PCS/BS-18)24-May-2024 Download
1339-C-I/2024Charge Relinquishment / AssumptionCharge Relinquishment / Assumption of Mr. Muhammad Akram Ch. (PCS/BS-20).23-May-2024 Download
1338-C-I/2024Charge Relinquishment / AssumptionCharge Relinquishment / Assumption of Mr. Tasleem Akhtar (PCS/BS-20).23-May-2024 Download
1328-C-IV/2024(PROMOTION)Promotion of Inspector/Assistant as Superintendent Customs23-May-2024 Download
1329-IR-VI/2024(Retirement)Retirement of Syed Ilyas Ahmed, Assistant Private Secretary (BS-16), RTO, Lahore.23-May-2024 Download
1332-C-II/2024(Extension in Deputation)Extension in Deputation period of Mr. Ajmal Hussain, Second Secretary / DDO, FBR (BS-18)23-May-2024 Download
1(29)/2008(HRMC-II)(Verification)Verification of Date of Birth of BS.17 & 18 Officers of Pakistan Customs23-May-2024 Download
1327-IR-IV/2024(Attachment)Attachment of Mr. Muhammad Adnan Ajmal, Inspector-IR (BS-16)23-May-2024 Download
25(17)MIR-IV/2011-Vol-XIV(Promotion)Promotion of Supervisor/Head Clerk (BS-14) and Assistant (BS-15) to the Post of Office Superintendent (BS-16)23-May-2024 Download
1323-IR-IV/2024(Grant of Higher Time Scale)Grant of Higher Time Scale to Inland Revenue Officers22-May-2024 Download
1296-IR-IV/2024(Superannuation/Retirement)Superannuation/Retirement of Mr. Khalid Akbar, IRO, RTO-I, Karachi22-May-2024 Download
11(5)HRM-IR-V/HQ/2023(Circular)Verification of Date of Birth of Officers/Officials of Inland Revenue Department (BS.1 to BS.16/Time Scale BS-17)22-May-2024 Download
1324-IR-IV/2024(Grant of Higher Time Scale)Grant of Higher Time Scale of Mr. Aqeel Ahmed Khan, Inspector-IR22-May-2024 Download
1313-IR-II/2024(Charge Assumption on Attachment Basis)Charge Assumption of IRS Officers on Attachment Basis22-May-2024 Download
1312-C-IV/2024(Retirement)Retirement of Mr. Muhammad Arshad, Inspector Customs (TS/BS-17), Collectorate of Customs Enforcement, Peshawar22-May-2024 Download
1319-IR-I/2024(Additional Charge)Additional Charge to Mr. Faisal Rauf Memon (IRS/BS-20)22-May-2024 Download
1314-IR-VI/2024(Promotion)Promotion of Stenotypist(BS-14) as Assistant Private Secretary (BS-16)22-May-2024 Download
1315-IR-I/2024(Charge Relinquishment / Assumption)Charge Relinquishment / Assumption of Ms. Huma Sarwar (IRS/BS-19)22-May-2024 Download
1311-C-II/2024(Ex-Pakistan Leave / EOL)Ex-Pakistan Leave / EOL to Ms. Brayshna Kundi (PCS/BS-18)21-May-2024 Download
1304-IR-I/2024(Additional Charge)Additional Charge to Mr. Mazhar Iqbal (IRS/BS-20)21-May-2024 Download
1309-C-I/2024Charge Relinquishment / Assumption Charge Relinquishment / Assumption of Ms. Mona Mehfooz (PCS/BS-19).21-May-2024 Download
1308-C-I/2024Charge Relinquishment / Assumption Charge Relinquishment / Assumption of Dr. Karam Elahi (PCS/BS-20).21-May-2024 Download
1300-IR-IV/2024(Ex-Pakistan Leave/ LFP/ LHP)Ex-Pakistan Leave/ LFP/ LHP of Mr. Muhammad Jahangir Aslam, IRO21-May-2024 Download
1286-IR-II/2024(Transfer / Posting)Transfer / Posting in respect of Mr. Mujeeb-ur-Rehman (IRS/BS-17)21-May-2024 Download
1301-IR-I/2024(Transfer / Posting)Transfer / Posting of Ms. Huma Sarwar (IRS/BS-19)21-May-2024 Download
1299-IR-IV/2024(Attachment) Attachment of Mr. Muhammad Arslan Akram, Inspector-IR 20-May-2024 Download
1288-IR-IV/2024(Exoneration/ Warning)Exoneration/ Warning of Mr. Tanzeel ur Rehman, Inspector-IR (BS-16), RTO, Rawalpindi20-May-2024 Download
1293-C-IV/2024(Relieving)Relieving of Ms. Amna Anmol Ahmad, Inspector Customs (BS-16) , AIIA, Lahore 20-May-2024 Download
1297-IR-II/2024(Superannuation Retirement)Superannuation Retirement of Mr. Salman Zubaid (IRS/BS-17)20-May-2024 Download